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a minecraft mod that installs a different "this mod lets you havest crops by right clicking" mod every time you right click on a crop

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part of me misses when minecraft updates were like "here's 10 new blocks, a cool new mechanic and some bug fixes"

ever since that one "minecraft needs a cave update" video was released on youtube the gamers have started endlessly harassing minecraft developers, so we get much larger themed updates now, except they're also never finished or polished and yeah idk

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It's funny (and honestly embarrassing) how software installation is a solved problem for *decades* everywhere except on Windows. (Also Windows apparently still has >70% market share on desktop computers, wtf?)

Fina built a Gtk GUI based on -rs called Warp!
I had plans and prototypes to do something like this myself too, so I'm really happy somebody beat me to it.

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cache data doesn't go into .config, you are making everyone's backups harder.

Are there any mice where the 3rd button doesn't give up after just a few years? With every mouse I've had so far, it was always the first thing that broke.

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@cr1901 not just comments, it has *slashdash* (/-) comments, which are _structural_ comments, instead of line-based:

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I am once again reminding you of the existence of #kdl (, a fancy new config/document language that could make your config files so much more expressive and maintainable than YAML/JSON. pls take a look!

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@zucker Viehfutter lohnt sich also mehr als Menschenfutter. Gut zu wissen. Das heißt, es geht uns allen noch viel zu gut.

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»"Eine Art Eskalation"
Mangel an Dosentomaten droht«

Weil die Tomatenbauern u.a. auf den lukrativeren Anbau von FUTTERmais umsteigen.


Don't @ me this is the first time I ever tried to use subjonctif imparfait and probably butchered it but I don't care why would anybody use this anways

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- You are not supposed to use your nose when speaking
- Years of conjugating verbs yet no real-world use found for Passé simple
- Wanted to have complex grammar rules anyway for a laugh? We had a tool for that: It was called Latin
- "Nous allâmes au restaurant et fûtes très ravi mais le serveur voulut que je payasse avec carte" – Statements dreamed up by the utterly Deranged

This may also be a good opportunity to pipe your nickname and display name into `espeak` or some other TTS service and check whether this is how you want to be perceived as by screen reader users.

Among other things, you should not abuse Unicode math symbols for "bold" or "italic" fonts, or "upside down" text.

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Yes I know, your name is valid, but:
If you use a hash or some other random character sequence as name then I won't be able to distinguish you from other people that do the same.

When I only knew one person with that name, it was fine. But now it's three (or four? I can't even tell lol) and my brain is 🏳️

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Bitte kauft ALLE, so ihr es euch leisten könnt, das 9-Euro-Ticket für drei Monate, damit es einen klaren Beweis gibt, wie stark das Interesse an einem günstigen, bundesweiten Ticket ist!

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