- You are not supposed to use your nose when speaking
- Years of conjugating verbs yet no real-world use found for Passé simple
- Wanted to have complex grammar rules anyway for a laugh? We had a tool for that: It was called Latin
- "Nous allâmes au restaurant et fûtes très ravi mais le serveur voulut que je payasse avec carte" – Statements dreamed up by the utterly Deranged

Don't @ me this is the first time I ever tried to use subjonctif imparfait and probably butchered it but I don't care why would anybody use this anways

In France, subjonctif imparfait is now used only for laughs, and to learn Spanish, where it is really used.


because every language is complex, and if you simplify it too much, you lose the nuances. So, the subjonctif IS used in French if you speak it properly.

like here: il faut que je vienne
which is a very common usage ...

@piegames Almost perfect, fûmes* and ravis* are the only shocking mistakes, the other ones are so good they might just need to be integrated into the language :')


Yeah ! Stop speaking French ! Write it ! That's when the *real* fun starts ! :blobfoxpeekknife:


- in French there are fifty ways you can write a word you just heard and all of them are probably a valid word, but which one did you just hear ?

@piegames i read everything from point 2 onwards holding my nose


Just a litle story: when I was working in Brest, one imigrate from Africa came to my cabinet and and said to me: France is wondeful! I asked, why do you say that? he andwered : because everyone is speaking French ! in my country, every village has his own language and people don't understand the nunaces when they speak together (from 2 different areas) ... so they end fighting ... just because the nuances are lost and they didn't understand themselves well.

@piegames complex past is perfect when you want to sound pedantic.

@piegames I am French and I find this offens-- ... Accurate.

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